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There is no excuse why to not play this! This is brilliant, with it's unbelievable graphics and audio! You just MUST make a sequel! It's a necessity!

BasV responds:

Yeah I want to too. Hans and I just started on a ambitious project and I hope we can do HCL2 at the same time. So just a little patience :)


Ah, the classic never dies.

The menus were slightly... messy. Otherwise, this is awesome, I love these sort of a collection of games that do even relate to each other somehow!

I'd like to see more stuff like this!

Nice, very nice.

Those blocks look delicious. It's highly addictive, though yet so simple genre of block games... this is surely a nice version of it.

The music got annoying very quickly (although I am a fan of ParagonX9 myself), gladly you put in a music switch. Not all game makers are that considerate.

It left just a tiny thing to be desired; some sort of a twist, a new feature to this overused format of blocks... timers, unbreakable blocks, floating blocks (anti-gravity), non-pickups (punishment, if you break next to it) etc...

But overall, it's a nice game.

Very interesting

T'was a mediocre flash. Not blazingly amazing but not butt-ugly crap either. That song was awful, but the graphics and the idea were almost perfect. Equals a mediocre flash. Good job, I'll be expecting more Valentine stuff from you!

And BladeOfDarkness: Exactly which orthodox monk authority -approved God-given golden rules state that each submission has to be violent, interactive and funny? Not all the scores apply to each submission. That's why "Overall" is not necessarily an average. Tom has noted this and has given his feeble word to change this one lighted day.


This is no doubt the cutest games I've played in the whole Newgrounds!

Good Job!!

'Tis okay.

It's not the best game in the world but it wasn't that bad either. I'd save it.

As Shawn once said: "Games are difficult - not only do you need to have perfect AS, the delivery must be topped with neat graphics".

Graphics weren't really that good and I smell a Flashkit tutorial. It's okay. Just practise a little bit more on this, okay?

weirdalfan1 responds:

Who's Shawn?


Another great variation of this cave-flying genre.

I like your drawing style with the backgrounds and rocks. I think you should add a bit more depth and spent time to the dragon itself. It sort of totally clashes with all the other graphics.

Great job! I'll be expecting more of you!

HalfV responds:

well you can expect more to come! Thanks for the tips

My highscore: 2142

Awesome. Could use some audio, though. Keep it up! :)


I was waiting for this since I couldn't make one myself! I just HATE THAT FROG!!

About the flash though, it was hardening pretty well, not too hard on start, but honestly, I couldn't beat level 4... :)

It could've been better though. You could've added more holes in further levels (don't know whether you did so, but I doubt it by the looks of it that far), possibly better graphics (after all it's just couple of radial gradients in a blue rectangle and a picture found from the internet) and things (like Tom Fulp) you should not hit, and get minus points if you do, or better yet, blood that stays on the board!

But I give you higher score than average of these type of whack-games that were old since 1943, just because of letting me kill that nasty, idiotic frog!! Thanks man, I owe you one. ^.^


You saw a lot of crappy Windows emulators on NG and decided to make your own crappy Windows emulator?

Because you saw something on Newgrounds, means that it's exactly what we don't want replicants of. We already have it, why would we need more? Besides, Windows emulators are so overdone.

But I'm giving you 7 for style because of that video clip. :P

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