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Props for style

You really are one of the (unfortunately) few people on Newgrounds, proving that you don't need awesome smooth animation nor photo realistic characters to do a respectable flash.

This flash is awesome and I'll look forward to your next submissions enormously.


I'm sure you'll get a collection around episode 25. That's 40 days to go!

By the way, how come we don't get to see Frank's house?

PeteZahut responds:

because I don't know where he lives. there are no backgrounds so I really have no idea about where he ever is. but I might start adding backgrounds.

About time!

I was waiting for this already! I also see that you've improved your Audacity skills since last time, just like you were supposed to. Or then you just ditched noise reduction completely...

Whatever. This is awesome.

PeteZahut responds:

I guess I just got better. I didn't even know I had though.

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There is no excuse why to not play this! This is brilliant, with it's unbelievable graphics and audio! You just MUST make a sequel! It's a necessity!

BasV responds:

Yeah I want to too. Hans and I just started on a ambitious project and I hope we can do HCL2 at the same time. So just a little patience :)


Ah, the classic never dies.

The menus were slightly... messy. Otherwise, this is awesome, I love these sort of a collection of games that do even relate to each other somehow!

I'd like to see more stuff like this!

Nice, very nice.

Those blocks look delicious. It's highly addictive, though yet so simple genre of block games... this is surely a nice version of it.

The music got annoying very quickly (although I am a fan of ParagonX9 myself), gladly you put in a music switch. Not all game makers are that considerate.

It left just a tiny thing to be desired; some sort of a twist, a new feature to this overused format of blocks... timers, unbreakable blocks, floating blocks (anti-gravity), non-pickups (punishment, if you break next to it) etc...

But overall, it's a nice game.

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This is a really decent sounding song. Reminds me of the Sim City 4 soundtrack, and that is definitely an achievement.

The drums and the guitar could have perhaps been a bit more acoustic, organic. However, that is an infinitesimal note when taking into account that this is your first submission.

Truly a great job!

megakyle53 responds:

thanks for the review


It's been too long since I have played Runescape the last time.... I love the music in it, and I love this cover of this Runescape tune. This tune is one of my favorites in Runescape.

One love, breda.

alix1 responds:

Thanks for the review!

What is that "One love" thing all about? lol



This is by far the most sublime song I have heard on Newgrounds so far. I love glitch, I love DnB... this is staggeringly astounding for me.

I would've liked it a bit longer though, but listening to it on a constant loop works too. :)

Marvellous work, I want, no, DEMAND more!

IDReaper responds:

Sublime, I like that description. I'll see what I can do about some future projects, for now I'm up to my neck in college work. Thanks for checking it out, glad you enjoyed!

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