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Props for style

You really are one of the (unfortunately) few people on Newgrounds, proving that you don't need awesome smooth animation nor photo realistic characters to do a respectable flash.

This flash is awesome and I'll look forward to your next submissions enormously.


I'm sure you'll get a collection around episode 25. That's 40 days to go!

By the way, how come we don't get to see Frank's house?

PeteZahut responds:

because I don't know where he lives. there are no backgrounds so I really have no idea about where he ever is. but I might start adding backgrounds.

About time!

I was waiting for this already! I also see that you've improved your Audacity skills since last time, just like you were supposed to. Or then you just ditched noise reduction completely...

Whatever. This is awesome.

PeteZahut responds:

I guess I just got better. I didn't even know I had though.

Your review, var så god

Your noise reduction makes the narration voice seem underwater. I haven't been a much of a obsessed viewer of this series, so I wouldn't know if you want it that way. But if not, it sounds like the Audacity noise reduction for them tools who don't know how to use it. Turn that noise reduction down.

It's sort of funny. I see that now you have ~11 reviews, so start on making episode 4, then.

PeteZahut responds:

ya. i'm new to using audacity. but i'm trying to get better with that and flash also.


Not really as good as the first one, but I guess that's how all sequels are. Could've been better, but it wasn't bad either. I liked the first one better.


This was okay. Better than the average stick flash. I also think you have the wrong flash height, better fix that.

Not too action filled, as most sticks are, and the boss was kind of an idiot. It started off nicely, but sort of tailed off in the end, there was no BOOM!!

Some music would be nice, theres tons in the Audio portal. I don't see how this would get blammed, but there's definately room for improvement.

zampo0 responds:

Thank you.

Oh man!

Thank you, I haven't really laughed vocably since ages... that was awesome. Whoa.


Ehm... yes. I think that sums it up. Different. Very. Yes. Ahem.

(PS. A small tip - put a little alpha effect on them motion blurred wings when... IT flies - looks better)


I think that the red text just destroyed the B/W style, I would've given you a 10 on style otherwise... The intro was boring and quite difficult, but it came into life somewhere at the point when you ditched that mirror image.

Overall it's quite decent. It can use a little bit more work, though, but quite decent. Yes, decent is the word. "Mediocre" would be an understatement and "perfect" would be an utter lie.

I don't know... it has potential, and it shines through, but you sort of hid it. I suggest that you dig up some other music video of the same sort and get some inspiration. This was good and boring at the same time.

Damn, now you got me confused!

boggles0 responds:

Thanks , i didnt know what to do on the title bit i didnt weant red but if i had either black or white i would looks bad and i wanted ther animation to start at that very bit but thanks for reveiw didnt meen to confuse you :D

Hell yeah!

That was very good indeed!

Only I think that you've got the width and height screwed up. Fix that, and it'll be just fine!

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