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sysrq868's News

Posted by sysrq868 - March 15th, 2009

What could make a lazy Sunday more vibrant than some cinematic action movie slammage?

A lot of things perhaps, but do still give it a listen:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /221157

Posted by sysrq868 - February 15th, 2009

Posted by sysrq868 - February 8th, 2009


You will get a free signed copy of my autograph if you leave a review. All you have to do is leave a multiple-syllable review, cross your fingers and bite your eye, and we'll send you the signed autograph in 4-6 weeks.


Posted by sysrq868 - December 23rd, 2008

I decided it was time to prune my audio section a little bit.

I have deleted "Dies Moderno", "Qweeb" and "The Shopping Basket". They are so far away from my current style and skill that they don't belong to my public Audio section.

They might make a return, but only as a revamp/remix.

Also under the hammer was "Purple Carrotland" and "Nano", but I decided to keep them for now. Maybe make a new version.

In the meanwhile, you're welcome to browse my current Audio section.

Posted by sysrq868 - December 12th, 2008

Elieltomas has made a DnB remix of my song, "Staring At Rain".

The remix is awesome and can be found here.

Posted by sysrq868 - October 22nd, 2008



I have a very big tendency to just hum random tunes (that actually turn out pretty good). Now that I recently got Reason 4.0, I try to put my hummings into notes and make songs out of them. However, since I don't own a keyboard that I can plug to the computer to play the songs (which is easier to me since I don't know anything about notes or such), most of them do not sound as cool in Reason than they do in my head.

This one was different. From the point of hum to the point of upload, this took 3 hours to make, and it's perfect.


Posted by sysrq868 - August 23rd, 2008

I have always loved Reason. What held back my previous music was the 20 minute time limit on the 3.0 demo, under which I had to compose, fine-tune, master and "export" (aka. recording the wave output) my creations. And FruityLoops 4... ugh.

Now that I finally got a hold of the full version of Reason 4.0, I got very excited. No more time limits, no more recording. All the instruments I could ever dream off and more!

So I made a new track for Newgrounds.

I originally aimed for a Justice-esque song. However, midway thru I realized that it sounded nothing like Justice but I liked it anyway. Then I noticed that it needs a bassline. Midway thru I realized that the bassline had become the lead and the previous leads and their effects had become.. stuffing.

The name came from the lovable Seventh Sanctum's Evil Name Generator.

But, without further ado, I give you: sysrq868 - Rulesneak

Please leave reviews and vote 5! I know you can do it.

Posted by sysrq868 - May 21st, 2008

Content management on Newgrounds is a pain in the ass.

There's no "recent activity" page on Newgrounds; that's one of my favorite things on Flickr, that I can see recent favorites, comments, tags and stuff and respond speedily where needed. Why can't NG have the same feature with comments, reviews, favorites and stuff?

There's no statistics for userpages on Newgrounds. No graphs or numbers, no nothing. I can only guess and daydream of who reads this space, who watches, reads or listens to my stuff, when and where and so on. And the obliviousness of it all is killing me.

As such...

Everybody who reads even a word from this news post is obligated by law to post a comment.

I don't care about it's contents, just post a comment. It takes about 5 seconds and is free and super fun. I sourly need to know how popular or not this space is, just out of morbid curiosity.

Thank you sincerely.

Now here's a sleepy kitteh for your viewing pleasures:


Posted by sysrq868 - May 17th, 2008

Just a note to whoever is still insane enough to constantly check this place: I'm still alive.

I haven't visited Newgrounds much and I haven't had time to do much Flash stuff either. I have been busy with the last push in school, keeping up with the wiki project of mine and drooling for computer components.

I'm planning to get one Flash animation done before summer starts. Let's see if I can even make that...

Posted by sysrq868 - March 27th, 2008

This is something that has been bugging me for so long, and I have written about it before. I also remember sending the big cheeses a PM about it, but I guess it went unnoticed.

The background color for the flashes should be a constant. Currently, it is black in the javascriptey, floatey window, and then a slightly modified Newgrounds teal in the pop-up. There's no point in this whatsoever.

I have currently two flashes (DIY TV Repair and Round Flash) that need the background color to be a constant for the illusion of modifying the flash stage. I have 3 flashes under works that would need it too, but I refuse to work on them, because there will always be a large percentage of people who will not see it correctly, just based on which link they click to do virtually the same thing.

Can I ask people to use the pop-up? No, that's stupid, and I don't want to feed people my habits. I'm always for choice and option, and limiting them for a cheap trick is not good.

Can I write a script to tell, which one (pop-up or float) is the user using, and reassign the color in the flash that way? No, it's firstly way beyond my capabilities and secondly not a good thing at all. Also, since I do still keep up a hope that this will change in the future, it would be a waste of my time. Furthermore, both of the flashes use black as the bordering color to the effect I want; people using the float with the black background wouldn't see it at all.

As such, I demand that the color is made constant. Preferably the Newgrounds teal (I figure #25272D). It's not that hard: it would take Tom or whoever probably 5 minutes and it won't take that much attention away from your precious ads.

So how about it, Newgrounds?