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Posted by sysrq868 - July 18th, 2007

This really came as a shock. There's definately a lot of improvement done, and I really, really love this new outlay. But still, there is stuff to do.

Firstly, why the heck does the "Watch this movie" link flicker on the submission page? It's sinfully annoying! Makes me want to do everything else except click it. Reminds me of an ad of some sort. And I never click ads.

Secondly, why is the audio description still just 90 characters? It's still a big damn joke. It's only fit to put a tinyurl link to a blog post somewhere else where there is a longer description, where the artist can excrete his hurt, artistic soul to his heart's content. Music artists make 60% of what Newgrounds is, why can't Tom let them blather how much they damn well please? 90 characters - that's a disgrace.

Who noticed the changed footer? "newgrounds.com - Your #1 online entertainment community". This starts to taste like conglomerate-to-be. Next you know, "Your #1 online entertainment community(TM)" will be pasted all over the place and there's a neat $99 per year price tag within the registering. I generally hate all "Your number one this and that" advertising schemes. It's mine? Wow, really? Newgrounds is MINE? But... just how many number ones, or favorite assets can I have? If I also own BlackBerry Forums, Oh-hilary.com, Freesoothingmusic.com, Dailymotionepisodes.com, Macwarehouse.co.uk, and what else, how can they all be my favorites, my number ones?

Lastly, the "feature" I don't really like but what I know isn't going to be changed is the variating background color for viewing the flashes. If you use the javascripty miniwindow, it's black, and if you use the pop-up window, it's the Newgrounds teal, only a little darker. I have a couple of flashes that used the illusion of the background color of the window (Round Flash, DIY TV Repair...), and I have nothing against changing them afterwards. But I'm not going to invent some script out of my ass to check whether the viewer is using javascript or pop-ups to figure out the background color. And whatever it is, it should not be black, as the javascript is.

That's all I think so far. Sue me.

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