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Comments (4)

when you open a flash click pop up, not the icon (pop up is under it) no more floaty adds

No, the ads don't bother me.

It's that the floaty has a black background and the pop-up has a teal background, and that's unacceptable.

I also see some old flashes that use the old bg, and they arent properly set anymore either. I would prefer black, but the grey is NG's trademark color. Either way, I usually use pop-up, and you can ask veiwers in the coments to do so as well

I can, but I wouldn't want it to be the sole solution.

I would prefer the Newgrounds gray/teal, since it's not a regular color, unlike black. Thus watching black stage background flashes on a black background wouldn't seem so good, because you cannot distinguish the borders.

And if you watch e.g. DIY TV Repair by me, you'd know why it would not work on a black background.

How is that unacceptable?

One is meant to have a movie theater effect and one is meant to be like the classic Newgrounds pop-up windows. Also, the actual Flash background itself stays the same no matter what. I don't see what the big deal is...

I always use the Pop-Up option, because it produces less lag, and it isn't surrounded by those stupid gigantic bright distracting advertisements. Those are what really irk me. =\

Because that makes stuff like my "Round Flash" not work! Take a look at it first in the pop-up and then in javascript one, then you'll get what I'm after for here.

Should a TV broadcast look different on different TV sets? Of course not. NTSC vs. PAL? True, but if it were possible, someone would've unified them into one all-supportive standard. Problem is that it'd cost billions of dollars, while what I'm asking for hurts no-one and costs nothing.

Why didn't you just make the roundness black? Neither the javascript or the pop-up options work, the way you made your movie. If you just made it black, nobody would notice or care, like the black bars at the top and bottom of widescreen movies.

That would sort of kill the idea. Especially when in the intro and outro the porthole is black too -> it'd be a square. I just fixed it to go with the new shade of teal; if you reload the file, it should work in the pop-up.

And the thing's not about making just my flash work. There's no point to have two different colors when just as well there could be just one. Simpler, neater and easier.